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The greatest wealth is health

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Here at the Virginia Chiropractic and Natural Health Center, we believe that prevention and education are the key components to a healthy life. The best defense against illness is the nourishment of both the body and the mind. To that end, we offer services aimed at bringing you to a state of wellness and peace of mind.


When your health and body are affected by spinal nerve stress, two things are important to us: making sure you get pain relief that lasts and promoting maintenance and wellness to avoid future problems. That is why we believe in thorough consultations and examinations, and taking any necessary x-rays to indicate the source of any pain or discomfort. Finally, we use our training and personal care to give you the high quality chiropractic care you deserve.

"The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease."

- BJ Palmer developer of chiropractic


(depending on how many x-rays need to be taken)

$75 - $225


(depending on the number of therapies)

$40 - $75


$15 Each 


Some people do not realize the enormous affect the nervous system has on each body function, as well as the importance of the spine as the center of body mechanics. The spine and nervous system are the core of the Chiropractic healing profession. This, along with the fact that the body is designed to heal itself, should help you to understand how Chiropractic can offer so much to such a wide range of conditions.


Click below to see the conditions that have responded successfully to chiropractic care.

$40 - $45 

(depending on the number

of regions adjusted)


Acupuncture is among the oldest healing practices in the world dating back thousands of years. It is based on the concept that disease results from disruption in the flow of qi in the body. Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points on the body by a variety of techniques, including the insertion of thin metal needles though the skin. It is intended to remove blockages and restore and maintain health.

Click below to see conditions Often Treated with Acupuncture:

$50 / Visit


Our office provides therapeutic massage therapy, using a variety of techniques, to provide relief for: muscle tension, muscle pain, stiffness, headaches, stress and Fibromyalgia.  Our certified massage therapist will ask you about your symptoms and review your health history, along with answering any questions or concerns you may have.  You will undress to the point you are comfortable and remain draped with a sheet at all times, with the exception of the area being worked on.  The amount of pressure you receive is up to you, so be sure to let our massage therapist know if the pressure is too light or too hard.  Also, don’t forget that we also have gift certificates available!

1/2 Hour - $45

1 Hour - $75



6 Ebco Circle

Waynesboro, VA 22980

Tel: 540-946-2311


Monday -Thursday 8:30am - 5pm


From Exit 94 on 64 East, make a left onto Highway 340 going South towards Stuarts Draft and Greenville. Travel approximately 4 miles and make a right at the light onto School Blvd. If you pass the Liberty station you have gone too far. Make the next right onto Ebco Circle and you will see the sign above our office!

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